Sexual Purity Programs

LIFENET is spreading the message of sexual purity in New Jersey, working with churches all over the state to bring the truth about God's plan for life and love to our teens.   We spread the chastity message via 1 hour and 15 minute presentations in churches and schools, and also through the True Love Waits program.

The True Love Waits 1 and 2 programs are designed to instill the healthy message of abstinence/sexual purity in young people.  Both programs can easily be integrated into a classroom or youth group setting.  They are designed to be very easily implemented by teachers, youth workers, parents or any people with a heart for youth. 

True Love Waits 1 is the original program and it is designed for young people ages 11 to 21.  Some of the topics of True Love Waits 1 are:

            * Attaining life goals
            * Consequences of sex outside marriage/"Dream
            * Concepts of "secondary virginity" and "renewed
             * Myths of recreational sex and serial monogamy
             * Dangers of pornography
             * Benefits of saving sex for marriage
             * Sexually transmitted diseases
             * Every human being is unique and special
             * Life in the womb: Physiology of human  
             * Consequences of abortion: Emotional and Physical
             * Post-abortion healing
             * Skills in helping a friend in a crisis pregnancy
             * Making a purity decision and standing firm
             * Consequences of getting physical in dating
             * Touch scale/Modesty in dress and speech
             * Setting high standards/Dating issues
             * Resisting peer pressure/Assertiveness skills
             * Making a decision to be abstinent/Pledge signing 


The True Love Waits 2 (TLW 2) program is designed for high school age youth to young adults in their 20s and 30s.  Some of the topics of TLW 2 are:

Languages of Love Consequences of Sex Outside Marriage Differences Between the Sexes  

Characteristics of Healthy Relationships Life is Sacred Dangers of Pornography Is it Love or Lust?  

Dating Secondary Virginity Strategies for Staying Pure God Invented Sex  Wedding Vows  

Everyone is NOT doing it Relationship Warning Signs Benefits of Marriage Modesty


Adult leader trainings for True Love Waits programs are held several times a year, at locations around New Jersey.  Check our home page for the latest dates and times, or click on the buttons at the top of this page, or to find out more, please call 973-509-8123.  

The LIFENET 1 hour and 15 minute chastity presentation is a compressed version of True Love Waits 1 program.   

To arrange for a LIFENET chastity speaker at your church or school, call us at (201) 804-8331.